Infrared Hand Sensing Induction RC Aircraft Upgrade Quadcopter

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Please charge fully and then press the power switch to turn on the UFO. when the green light lighting on you can throw it with your hand on or below it, it will Induction flight. It can not fly when you press the power menu at once, so please throw it with your hand on or below it, it will fly. this is Induction aircraft!

  1. Speed regulation, three gear speed adjustment, light-year-old speed increase, and change.
  2. Infrared induction control, single-handed induction can operate, interesting and fun.
  3. Easy to get started, just fling lightly, flying instantly.
  4. Hovering high altitude flight, inverted stop flying. 5. Soft fuselage, safety against collision.


  1. Light and small, small diameter, texture, soft fuselage, anti-collision safety, infrared induction operation, suitable for children and beginners.


  • Item name: Induction four-axis aircraft
  • Color: Red, Blue, Gold
  • Materials: plastic, electronic components
  • Fuselage Battery: 3.7V 300mAh lithium-polymer battery Remote control signal: infrared ray
  • Charge time: 30 minutes.
  • Play time: 5-8 minutes
  • Product size: 11x11x6cm
  • Product weight: 30.5g

Package: 1xAircraft 1xCharge cable

***UFO Interactive Aircraft Manual

1. Starting up

Short press the power switch to turn on the aircraft. The green light will light up after power on.

2. Power off

Long press the power switch for 1 to 2 seconds to turn off the aircraft. LED light goes out after shutdown. power switch

3. Flight

turned on, hold the aircraft in hand, and When the aircraft been turned Urbana the aircraft will take off extend forward, automatically. After turn on the aircraft, it will fly up a distance and hover in the air. If you don't perform an operation for 1 to 2 seconds, the aircraft will descend to a certain height and hover again.

4. Flight Interaction

Approach the bottom of the aircraft with a hand or an object, the aircraft will ascend to a certain distance and then hover again. When a hand or object approaches the aircraft, it moves to the opposite direction.

The aircraft's normal operation will be affected if it encounters strong light, black objects, and glass.

5.Flying Speed - Medium & High-Speed mode

The default boot is medium speed mode and the indicator light is green.

Click the power switch to switch to high-speed mode and the indicator light turns to blue.

Click the power switch again back to medium speed mode.

6. The rolling function

One is two hands at the same time on both sides of the induction, and then down induction to achieve the roll function

7. Surrounding the function

One is two hands at the same time side induction, and then one side induction, for the loop function

8.Flight Calibration

When the flight anomaly needs to be calibrated. Turn over the bottom of the aircraft and then double-click the power switch The indicator light of the aircraft begins to turn red, blue, and the albrating mode.aenaely.tha means n already under Keep the aircraft in balanced position, the LED light will be on after the calibration completed

9.Stop flying

Stop the flying by grabbing the aircraft with your hand or flipping it over.

Induction at the same time, middle indicator flashing, induction bottom with tumbling function.

Left and right simultaneously induction, middle indicator flashing, induction side around the body a circle.


If the aircraft's indicator light turns to red, It means the battery is running at low voltage, descend craft slow luanaery recharge the aircraft.

The charging time is 40 minutes, the USB indicator light is on during the charging, and the light turns off when the charging is finished. . Please use the USB cable which configured for this product to charge.

11 . Flight time

Flight time is about 5 to 8 minutes after a full charging (depends on the flying environment).

12 Warning

Do not use the product in high wind and strong light.

Do not operate the product in a narrow or cluttered environment. . Do not put any heavy object directly on the aircraft.

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